WOMEX 2018

Stage design on the Canary Islands

Image 01

It has been the fourth time that Horizons, the umbrella organization for British world music, commissioned us to create a unique stand for Womex '18. The venue this year was on Gran Canaria, which for one made us very excited, being a fantastic place, on the other hand, made us a bit worried having us face some challenges like never before. We had to find a solution which is light enough to be transported by air freight and easy to assemble in 2 days, but also unique enough to draw the attention. This turned out to be a cardboard modular paravan system which besides its reusability is very decorative for its interesting structure. Each exhibitor has its own color code so we just wanted to give them a low-key backdrop. The furniture are also neutral white colored, only the cardboard seats got custom prints representing the exhibitors. All in all we feel that this stand became an enjoyable meeting place for world music lovers. (As far we could tell from the size of the crowd...)

Artists: Eke Tamás, Alvégi Lóci Photos: Kele Juci, Eke Tamás