PimpMyWall and guests in the showbiz

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What else can one ask than to design something entertaining for a company that entertains. There were already some inspiring elements in the interior design of DVM group, but the graphics manifested from the world of cartoons and the fantasy of the guest artists. We also recycled a few old stuff like VHS cassettes that got reborn as world map. In a dark corner we composed a lineart that only makes sense from one point of view. Check it out! Guest artists: Zsolt Varga a.k.a. Sekond, Otto Ritter, Matyas Boros, Marton Kenczler, David Szabenyi a.k.a. Aman, Karoly Kiralyfalvi a.k.a. Drez

Designers: Tamas Eke, Livi Varga, Csaba Kalman - Photos: Boogee photography