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    Barber Truck

    The first hungarian mobile burber truck

    Image 01

    In 2018 a friendly, well shaved team came to us with the idea of creating Hungary's first mobile barber truck. The foudation of the idea was an american style airstream camper, recalling the 60's era. So we started from that and trasformed the classic elements into a modern interior, pimping the ride inside and out, meanwhile creating a brand identity which reflects this style. Barber Truck changes it's location from time to time, but now it's parked at MOM Park. The guys from our studio have already tested the barbers ad the verdict is: the place is cool with professioal barbers and quality service, we can only recommend you to drop in ad have a hair-cut with a beer!

    Artists: Varga Livi, Eke Tamás

    878 Collective

    Brand identity for 878 Collective

    Image 01

    “878 collective is a synthesis: adamant and vibrant, sensory neon décor on vantablack vicuña wool...” :) “878 collective is a synthesis: adamant and vibrant, sensory neon décor on vantablack vicuña wool...” :) Probably we’ve designed one of the most interesting brands these months. 878 Collective means fashion, technology, future, sustainability...saluting to the fashion reformer Goldberger factory who inspired the name of 878. For the introduction of the brand we’ve made three animations for the motto of the HUB: Unlabeled, Untamed, Unlimited, revealing more and more cool details of the project. Besides the videos we created the image, the website and a lot more that we will show you later.

    Artists: Molnár Rebeka - Concept: Bari Máriusz Planetdamage, Andersen Dávid - Animation: Bessenyei Kati - Music: Bari Máriusz Planetdamage

    LogMeIn Hackathon

    LogMeIn HACKIn stage design and interactive animation

    Image 01

    We were comissioned in 2018 again to create the stage design for the LogmeIn Hackathon. Last year the event was held in Uránia cinema, and for this year they also found a very cool venue, the assembly hall of the Central European University. We set the decoration to the company's new 'Be Limitless' image: we used balloons, chair elements and classic molinos with IT bonmots. Furthermore, between the presentations, we made an interactive animation together with Binaura to activate the audience when clapping. Watch the video to see how people loved this game event!

    Artists: Kálmán Csaba, Alvégi Lóci, Kőszegi Timi - Code: Binaura - Photos: Török Anna, Alvégi Lóci