Brand identity for Brandfizz

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Brandfizz is one of the first companies that specialized in employer branding in Hungary. They commissioned us to create a suitable brand identity that emphasizes the sparkling and cheerful approach of their business. Not only do they work as a company which delivers employer branding strategies, but they relentlessly organize, support and even participate in events of this field, as giving speeches, lectures and trainings. Therefore it was important to create a vast pack of tools, icons and pictograms of which they can use during their presentations, besides the standard identity elements. Our job was to deliver a visual concept that resonates with their professional skills and passion to this field.

Artists: Molnár Rebeka, Varga Lívi

Coding Sans

Bruce Lee, Sub-Zero, Charlie Sheen and other cool things in the office of Coding Sans

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In the office of Coding Sans you can find such varied characters as in a cool game - this is how Bruce Lee, Sub-Zero and Charlie Sheen got place on the same wallgraphic. Strength, skills, luck - you need all these features in the game room, (where we pimped these graphics) so when the guys take a break they could feel themselves in a real game. We also threw some motivational quotes on the walls, installed lots of colourful lamps and pimped the corridor to suck your eyes in.

Artists: Nemec Helena, Kálmán Csaba, Eke Tamás Photo:: Török Anna

Imagine Budapest

PimpMyWall graphics and unique shelves in the office of Imagine Budapest

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The city tours of Imagine Budapest will guide you through Budapest’s less well-known parts and hidden treasures, like lovely confectioneries, fine ornaments, holy places and beautiful secret gardens that you will not find in any guidebook. We created wallgraphics and wallstickers to their thematic historical tours as well as a multilocular shelf and a unique flyerstand in their office.

Artists: Nemec Helena, Kálmán Csaba, Eke Tamás Photo: Török Anna