Brand identity, website and wallgraphics for Thriveo

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If somebody, Istvan Papp can be said to have gained a lot of experience and valuable knowledge in the field of company management (Cisco - General Manager, Telekom - Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft - General Manager, etc.), so it was a big honour to be asked to design his own company's corporate identity and webpage. Our collaboration was so successful that we even pimped up their office in the end! :) Chek out their new webpage here:

Artists: Molnár Rebeka, Juliette Simond, Alvégi Lóci Photo: Török Anna


Let's drink a SHARE for our society!

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Emerging of Lóci's idea, SHARE came to life from the brainstorming, intense work and support of more than 20 people in and around the studio. SHARE is more than a craft beer. SHARE is a social beer so with buying one, you support a hungarian foundation or a civil organization because we give our whole profit to them. We are proud to present our our own beer brand with the special noppa touch in it's whole visual identity. Let's drink a SHARE for our society! Cheers!

Artists: Helena Nemec, Molnár Rebeka, Magyar Anna, Kálmán Csabi, Eke Tamás, Varga Lívi, Alvégi Lóci


New brand identity and webdesign for Kettős Mérce

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The Kettős Mérce blog had been functioning for 4 years permanently, when the editors decided to level up as an independent news portal in the future. The launch of would not have been possible without the donation of 3000 people. We are glad that they asked us to create their new webdesign and brand identity, which was a love project for us. We wish them all the best for the future! :)

Artists: Magyar Anna, Alvégi Lóci