Brand identity and promo video for Oncotherm

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The mother of Prof. András Szász died of cancer when he was young. In memory of his mother’s suffering he started to change his complete research direction from the non-living surfaces to the living ones and mainly towards cancer-research. In 1988 he established Oncotherm which offers an effective complementary treatment to conventional cancer therapies. Ten years after the establishment of the company his sister was diagnosed with cancer so she received the therapy. It was a long time ago but she is in good shape still. András and his company, the Oncotherm comissioned us to create their brand identity, including the Oncothermia Journal, webdesign and a demo video of their new loco-regional electro-hyperthermia device (EHY-2030).

Director: Halász Júlia, Kálmán Mátyás - Concept: Alvégi Lóci (noppa) - Graphic design: Nemec Helena és Kálmán Csaba (noppa) - Animation: Bessenyei Kati - Cameraman: M. Deák Kristóf - Cameraman: Solymosi Márton - Scene lighting: Csingun Ádám - Film editing: Kálmán Mátyás - Actor: Tóth Brigitta - Music: Tisza Gergő - Sound, design, mix, mastering: Deutsch "Anorganik" Gábor