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    Simonyi’s home

    PimpMyWall graphic in a private flat

    Image 01

    Balázs Simonyi is a multitalent - he is a director, a photographer, a journalist, an ultra runner and an actor as well. His flat is crammed with qoutes and paintings from the Hungarian film, Megáll az idő. Besides, Tergat's and Gebrselassie's legendary finish decorates the wall by the staircase and the children's rooms are full of lego bricks as well. But our favourite on top of everything is the coke bottle decorating the drainpipe on the balcony. :)

    Artists: Varga Livi, Eke Tamás, Alvégi Lóci Photo: Török Anna

    Pelikán shopping center

    PimpMyWall in the Pelikán shopping center

    Image 01

    Our wallgraphics in Rózsakert grabbed the attention of Eszter and Tamás, the owners of the Pelikán mall in Szolnok so much that they asked us to bring some colour to their shopping center as well. We had various plans but in the end we decided to pimp the map of Szolnok on the nearly 12 - meter high wall. The graphic on the wall makes the locals stop for a bit and spend a few moments with the fun of finding places they know. They love the new colours in their favourite mall.

    Artists: Molnár Rebeka, Alvégi Lóci Photo: Török Anna


    Brand identity for Brandfizz

    Image 01

    Brandfizz is one of the first companies that specialized in employer branding in Hungary. They commissioned us to create a suitable brand identity that emphasizes the sparkling and cheerful approach of their business. Not only do they work as a company which delivers employer branding strategies, but they relentlessly organize, support and even participate in events of this field, as giving speeches, lectures and trainings. Therefore it was important to create a vast pack of tools, icons and pictograms of which they can use during their presentations, besides the standard identity elements. Our job was to deliver a visual concept that resonates with their professional skills and passion to this field.

    Artists: Molnár Rebeka, Varga Lívi