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    Rózsakert Bevásárlóközpont

    Pimpmywall in the second district

    Image 01
    Rózsakert shopping center in Budapest came to us with the exciting idea of creating a colorful, spectacular graphic design for their big wall, which is surrounded by the center's escalator. We were inspired by the movie Inception, that gave us plenty of ideas. You can check our monumental, crazy wallgraphic in the second district!

    Artists: Helena Nemec, Alvégi Lóci Photo: Török Anna


    Brand identity and web design for RWU

    Image 01
    RedWhite Umbrella Consulting LLP. is a company specialized in consulting, active in the international financial, medical and pharmaceutical field. The time has come to renew their identity and webdesign. The guys loved the result so much, that they joined us for a big grill party after the hard work. :) Website: http://www.rwuconsulting.com/

    Artists: Alvégi Lóci, Magyar Anna


    Pimpmywall at the office of Jófogás

    Image 01
    We were asked to add some custom wall graphics to this prize-winning interior. We through some gags on the vent system, recreated grandma's living room in the reception area, moved in a bumble-bee to the meeting room and packed the walls of the lead manager's room full with stuff.

    Artists: Eke Tamás, Magyar Anna, Helena Nemec Photo: Juhász Bogi