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    Pimpmywall at the office of Jófogás

    Image 01
    We were asked to add some custom wall graphics to this prize-winning interior. We through some gags on the vent system, recreated grandma's living room in the reception area, moved in a bumble-bee to the meeting room and packed the walls of the lead manager's room full with stuff.

    Artists: Eke Tamás, Magyar Anna, Helena Nemec Photo: Juhász Bogi

    Hinora Marketing Group

    Pimpmywall at the Hinora marketing agency

    Image 01
    We dropped a color-bomb in this office. They commissioned us to redesign the doors, floor covering, lighting and wall covering. As a creative agency they were really into wallgraphics. We had some brainstorming with them on topics, then we matched the color themes of the graphics to the door and wall colors. All rooms got different names, related to their function.

    Artists: Eke Tamás, Magyar Anna, Andó Gergely Photo: Juhász Bogi

    Parallel realities

    NEXTFESZT 2017 / Trafó

    Image 01
    Bubble existence. Hashtag cloud. Encrypted messages. Where will our parallel realities cross each other? Do we really meet each other? Do you see what I'm talking about?

    Artists: Alvégi Lóci, Nemec Helena Photo: Juhász Bogi