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    Turkish restaurant

    Image 01
    Murat and his partners wanted to create a turkish restaurant out of the ordinary, something more stylish and unique. Our concept was to mix the traditional ornamental decorations and colors with modern forms and furnitures, lightings. It’s worth to check it out not only for the nice design but they cook really well too!

    Artist: Eke Tamás Photo: Juhász Bogi


    Pimpmywall at Paninéria Sandwich Street

    Image 01
    The Panineria Sandwich Bar at Oktogon came to us with the idea of creating a classic "street" mood for the place, so the overall effect would be so layered and unforgettable as the sandwiches themselves. We pimped the place with advertisements, urban elements and small gags and we could also design the corporate image design: a logo, a sticker, a sandwich paper, a business card, a light box, and small and large billboards.

    Artists:Varga Lívi, Magyar Anna Photo: Juhász Bogi


    Our first stagedesign

    Image 01
    Our first stage design for the LogMeIn Hackathon event. Our concept was to play with the logo of the event, so the first day we used it separately as two stands and the second day the logo was put back together as one. Main role was played by Andris's kettlebell. :)

    Artists: Alvégi Lóci, Photos: Pályi Zsófia and Hirling Bálint