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    Galyatető Turistacentrum

    Branding project

    Image 01
    We all love nature and beautiful buildings, thats why we were keen on designing the branding and information system of Galyatető Turist center. It was a very exciting and challenging project for us. We wanted to match the modernity of the building with the simplicity of the logo and the whole brand. The main parts of the information system is based on the well-known hungarian turist signs and the friendly creatures of the forest.

    Artists: Molnár Rebeka, Kálmán Csaba, Alvégi Lóci Photos: Juhász Bogi

    Darth Vader Hockey

    Home of Ádám Szilas

    Image 01
    Our friend, Ádám is a great fan of hockey, Budapest and Star Wars. So we through all of this together, mixed it up and here's the result! Prepare for madness!

    Artist: Kálmán Csaba - Photos: Juhász Bogi

    WOMEX – the World Music Expo

    World Music Expo 2015, Budapest

    Image 01
    Horizons (gathering the world music scene in Great Britain) commissioned us to design their exhibition space for Womex 2015 world music expo in CET, Budapest. After a lot of furniture building and paint splattering the success was a blast!

    Artists: Eke Tamás, Andó Gergely, Kálmán Csaba